Studio Visit: Malin Akerman


We loved her before and we love her even more after she spent some time shopping in our studio last week. Actress, Malin Akerman spotted the double wire chain ring and immediately ran over to buy one for herself. While she was here, she picked up some other great must have basics. Here are some fun pics to recap her visit.


Studio Visit: Cory Kennedy


Cory and I felt like old buds the second she walked through the door. We had never met before but were about to shoot a story for her pages in Nylon on how to do a DIY update on a pair of old @#$% kickers. We talked candy, clothes, coasts, and of course…jewelry. She immediately went for the chain rings!!


Studio Visit: Leandra Medine of


Leandra is kind of like that girl who’s style you love but not sure you can mimic because you know its more then just her style…its HER! She’s candid, real, fun, and has impeccable taste. We were so delighted to have her
come by and play dress up here at the studio. We talked and talked and talked and then we hit the cases.
Im still dreaming of her amazing feather blazer over her pin stripe button up!! Watch her pile it all on.


Jonah Hill attends SAG


We LOVE Jonah Hill and are so happy to see all of his amazing nominations all due to a job well done. He has received a number of best dressed list shout outs and here he is looking sharp in our Dess Home Sterling Silver Pyramid Tie Bar.


AJ in our Double Band Chain Ring


In these early days of 2012, I like to take the time to reflect and relish in those memorable moments like this one. Angelina Jolie was so gracious to wear the Double Band Chain Ring in solid 14K yellow gold to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007. Thanx to her, this ring continues to be our #1 top selling style of all time. Beauty and beauty together = perfection


Studio Visit: James MR


James and I have known each other for years…it wasnt until a year ago that we actually started working together. She has styled the current Fall lookbook and the upcoming Spring 11 lookbook. She swung by to pick up some jewels and I couldnt resist adding her to our studio visits section. Impeccable effortless taste and style, as always. Check her out here with our new Q and A platform.


Studio Visit: Lykke Li


Lykke Li was nothing but delightful and inspiring on her visit to the MHT studio this month. She arrived in a leather baseball cap, an oversized strong shouldered black blazer and black running sneakers. We were obsessed! All she wanted was rings rings rings. She was talking about her hands and that she wanted a ring for every finger. After watching her “haunting” performance on Letterman, we now know why. This performance brought me to tears.. Draped in Black chiffon, slicked back hair tied in a bun and dripping in Made Her Think, I was entranced and brought to tears…..

Sightings: Caroline’s Mode


Check out the Double Mesh Gauntlet Chain Ring featured on Caroline’s Mode from the Paris Fashion Week post.

Click HERE to view full entry

Studio Visit: Dree Hemingway


Dree Hemingway gives you a sneak peek at one of our Spring 2011 handbags!

Sightings: Katy Perry


Katy Perry’s bedazzled mini dress, blue wig, and Made Her Think’s Blade Stoned Ring stunned everyone at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards!

Sightings: Emma Watson


What a night for Made Her Think at the Met Gala 2010.  All of the Burberry girls were draped in their one of a kind Christopher Bailey Burberry gowns and Made Her Think jewerly was sprinkled all over!  Emma Watson, who keeps popping up on the best dressed list, is wearing the Gladiator Fringe Ring, Victorian Buckle Bracelets and Swallow rings and earrings.

Studio Visit: Agyness Deyn


Who doesn’t love it when Agyness comes by to share in some yummy chocolate walnut chewies and jewelry conversation??  It had been a while since she had come by so of course I suited her up with her choice of a new handbag!  Here she is deciding between the Britt and the Alice. After making them into a pair of fun chain suspenders, she went with Britt! She and her lovely friend Fiona walked away with matching double band chain rings to match their fun nails to take with them to coachella!!


Studio Visit: Britt Bardo: Fashion Stylist/Designer


Whenever Britt comes to the studio, I always like to see how she wears the collection.  Here is Britt wearings tons of siren rings in lots of new ways.

Sightings: Meredith Melling Burke


I was just looking up some fun show attendees and came across this shot of Meredith attending the shows during Fashion Week in 2005. I love the way she is pairing the Candy Skull necklace in white with the Roses and Talons. She figured out that they were made for each other.

Sightings: Krysten Ritter


Krysten Ritter attends the premier of “The September Issue” looking beautiful in blush and holding Made Her Think’s Stingray Clutch.

Studio Visit: Britt Bardo


When fashion stylist Britt Bardo comes to town, she always makes it a point to stop by MHT’s studio and see what she can add to her already so abundant collection. Wearing a white raquel allegra t, elise overland leather leggings, and a pair of beat up old biker boots, Britt layers “victorian foxtail” with “ring around a foxtail” necklaces.

Here Britt chooses “spike rhinestone stud ring” and “21 bands” necklace. “21 Bands” is a new add to the latest collection and has a sentimental 21 bands each embedded with a teeny baby rough cut diamond. Can be worn on a chain or ditch the chain and wear it as a ring. She also has her everyday pieces that she layers like “rhinestone wristlet” in crystal and silver ox and has made wearing a “double band chain ring” on her middle and ring finger part of her signature style.

Sightings: Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams wears “Gemini Goes Both Ways” ring to her “Time Travelers Wife” press conference on August 3rd in NY.

Studio Visit: Blake Lively


You gotta give it to a girl who knows what she wants. Blake swung by last week and did some damage during her studio visit with MHT. After toiling over which color of what, Blake walked away with an elegant selection from made her think. Some of her faves included:

Spike rhinestone necklace and victorian foxtail

Sightings: Catherine Hardwicke


We are such huge fans of Twilight so needless to say that we were so excited to see that Catherine Hardwicke chose to wear our Spike Rhinestone bracelet in gold foil, it made us smile and show our fangs!!

Sightings: Diane Kruger


Diane Kruger attends the annual New Yorkers for Children Spring Ball and wears Made Her Think semi-precious fallen star earrings. Photo courtesy of

Sightings: Mary-Kate Olsen


Mary-Kate Olsen rocks her Talon Knuckle Buster ring to Sundance Film Festival 2008.

Studio Visit: Agyness Deyn


A couple of weeks ago, Agyness Deyn and Robyn Berkley (of People’s Revolution) stopped into MHT to do a little jewelry shopping. The girls were doing the ‘ol debate over which necklace would work better. After bouncing back and forth…..Agyness went with the wrap your stones necklace in silver ox with yellow ribbon. She also added the floating inverted stone studs, along with Robin, as well as the kissing swallows cuff in oxidized silver with rough cut diamonds and the swinging bell post earrings. I’m always happy to be of service in the field of a “jewelry fly by”.

Sightings: Leigh Lezark


Leigh Lezark wearing Candy Skull strand with fellow Misshapes