Insta-Famous Beauty Products

When it comes to make-up, Instagram sets its own standards of unique and standout beauty trends that you can find only on Instagram. To be able to pull some of the make-up trends, there are make-up brands that have been purposely made with Instagram trends in mind. Instagram has changed how we find out about new trends and beauty products and has even become a driving force for the popularity of some of the products.

The impact that Instagram has on beauty product is so immense that sites like Scarlett Summer are built around selling products to help you get the perfect results from all the make-up trends you will find on Instagram. Some of the most popular Instagram beauty brands that you will find on Instagram include;

  1. Sunday Riley U.F.O Facial Oil

One of the biggest sellers on Instagram is fueled by Instagram most used feature – Filters. This one of a kind facial oil is everything you need to keep all your blemishes and breakouts under the wrap. The oil does more than conceal. It also helps to retain an airbrushed finish for those days when you’re feeling adventurous enough to go out and take a selfie without filters.

  1. Farsali

Looking for a glowy skin? Farsali has your back. Among the greatest selling products, it is impossible to have a list of Insta-famous beauty products and not mention Farsali. It is a great addition to your make-up line that will have heads swinging and tongues wagging and you with a great glowy skin.

  1. Black Moon Cosmetic

This line of beauty products is everything you need to get your Instagram famous looks just right. The line features different products like faux lashes, super saturated liquid lipsticks for those brave and bold colors and holographic highlighters. It is everything you need to keep your following on Instagram hooked and glued to your ever changing and trending looks.

  1. Dose of Colors

The Insta-world is all about colors bold and shiny. Dose of Colors offers you nothing less. With every restock, this brand breaks the internet and sell out faster than you can say “Dose of Colors.” It is a great line for lip art lovers and people that like to be experimental with their lipstick makeup line. With Dose of Colors, you are better off hoarding different colors in your handbag for the different occasions when the different colors will come in handy.

  1. Lime Crime

Lime Crime was built for the ‘Gram and the glam! It features velvety liquid lipstick, unicorn hair dyes, mermaid-inspired highlighters, and the full rainbow spectrum of shadows. If you thought there was a make-up trend you couldn’t pull because you couldn’t find the right products, Lime Crime will most likely solve that. Lime Crime is all about helping you get all those colors and trends nailed and keeping your trendy Insta page active.

  1. Morphe

For the perfect look, you need high performance brushes and eye shadow. These are particularly great for people with a thing for the smoky eye look. It is timeless and if worked on the right way, it is definitely trendy. With Morphe which has been greatly pushed by influencers on Instagram, the product has been able to live up to the hype. What’s more is that you will not only love their pigmented shadow palettes but also the high performance brushes that come with the product.

  1. Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is one of those products that remind you of the all so glorious Egyptian queens and their elaborate make-up. The kit features bold and elaborate colors that you’re going to love and are applicable for most of the Instagram make-up trends with pretty impressive results.

Bonus Product

Anastacia Brow Wiz Pencil

You have probably heard of Ombre lips and you have probably heard of ombre brows. The perfectly blended brows look more like the work of a master photoshoper but it’s not. It is the work of the carefully crafted Anastacia brow wiz pencil. With its effectiveness, the pencil has become a great part of most Insta uses keen on their looks and keeping up with the trend.

These brands have worked themselves into the fashion and Make-up world that is Instagram. They are niche specific and have been helping Insta users get the perfect look for quite some time. If you’re looking to make an impact on Instagram, you might want to consider using them.

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