Why Mid Century Furniture is Fashionable Again

The clean lined furniture inspired by Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames was not only a big deal back in the 40’s and 70’s. After an article in the New York Times, this design of furniture has made a resurgence to become household preferences for most homeowners.

Truthfully, not many throwback brands and designs have been able to stand the test of time as well as Mid Century furniture has. It begs the question of what has been different with this furniture that has seen it enjoy favor and preference in an era where modernity and elegance have taken precedence. So what has led to Mid Century furniture becoming fashionable again? We asked Sarah at EMFURN why mid-century modern is still one of the hottest trends in decor.

50’s and 60’s were an exciting time

“There is no question that the post-war era saw a creative renaissance, from furniture to literature to art and film,” says Sarah. The current trends in furniture only took up where minimalism and the clean lines left of. There have been no major changes or major changes to what furniture is today. Instead of having a chair inspired by the Eames chair, why not just have the Eames chair itself? It is just if not more comfortable.

Furniture was way ahead of its time

Even though Mid Century furniture did great in its time, the designers and builders came up with products that were way ahead of their time. Since the 50’s, there has been hardly in headlining piece of furniture. The designs, style and finishing of the Mid-century furniture was well thought out and properly executed.

Even in the current era, Mid Century furniture still looks very much in its place and takes up the attention. Unlike most things in history, pieces of Mid Century furniture are not bought as antiques but fashionable parts of the modern house and they play that role to the fullest.

Simple designs for simple times

The resurgent nature of mid-century furniture is also fueled in part by the era in which it was invented. It was around the time after the Second World War. There was no money, materials were scarce and people needed to rebuild. Practical reasoning called for innovative use of the minimal resources that were available.

In a time where people were drained emotionally and financially but high in spirits and looking for a way to get their new life going, new designs of simple and timeless furniture were presented to them.

The simplicity of the design of mid-century modern furniture is its biggest factor to its rise in the 21st century. The timeless nature of the pieces continues to stand up against father time and do it so effortlessly.

It appreciates in value

Unlike most furniture that depreciates in value even while sitting in the store room, the value of authentic Mid Century pieces tends to appreciate over time. The same way people would buy a piece of art is the same way they buy furniture from the 50’s not only as great piece to add to their living space but also as a way of investment. Their easy nature and less technical approach to the purchase process has seen more people opt to buy them making them a more common feature in most homes.

Built to last

There is no question that mid-century furniture was made from simple materials. That is why most of it is still in good shape and very functional. In hard hitting economic times it is very important to have items that are not only attractive to the eye but will keep their shine and function for a long period of time.

Mid Century furniture fulfills this goal fully. Most frames were made of teak and other high quality materials which allowed the furniture to stand up to the test of time gracefully. Its durable nature has gone a long way in making the preferred range of furniture in current times.

The advent of the internet has also fueled the love for mid-century furniture. Accessing the furniture in the past was difficult and unregulated pieces had flooded the market. With multiple online stores making the purchase of authentic mid-century furniture easier and more accessible, more people are now able to express their love by buying the furniture.

With the lack of innovation in the modern furniture, it is only normal that people are rolling back the closest and most inspiring era of furniture explosion that they know. Mid Century furniture will continue to hold a special place in the furniture world for a long time.

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